Gutter Cleaning

Why Lewiston, Idaho, Gutter Cleaning Matters

Like many northern regions, our area is no stranger to seasonal weather and the great outdoors. For the state's property owners, these factors make gutter cleaning an essential fact of life.

The Risks of Unclean Gutters

Gutter cleaning isn't just about cosmetic appearances. When gutters get dirty and packed with debris, they cease to fulfill their purpose. In other words, rainwater, snowmelt and other forms of moisture that ought to be diverted away from your roof get backed up.

Seasonal Impacts

Why are clogged gutters so hazardous? In warmer weather, standing water might cause gutters to rust or corrode. When the temperature drops, liquid backups may freeze into structures known as ice dams. Ice dams actively destroy your building by forcing shingles apart and subsequently allowing water to penetrate weather seals.

Year-round Trouble

The presence of solid waste or excess water can add weight that strains building materials and results in undue wear and tear. It can also create overflows that spill close to your structure and wear away its foundation. In many cases, moisture may cause rot.

46078748 - leaves and sticks piling up in a valley of a roof.